Please read through if you plan to commission AussieKitten.By commissioning AussieKitten you automatically agree to the Terms of Service.

We only accept: Square (International) and PayID (Australians)We don't accept PayPal, but Square is as simple as us grabbing your email address and then sending the invoice there. The invoice will show you how to pay via a card (most common debit and credit cards should be accepted), no account is needed!

Twitter: @aussie_kitten
Discord: AussieKitten#2422


Please send any art inquiries to Aussie's Twitter DMs @aussie_kitten or via Discord (AussieKitten#2422). Please ensure you have all of the relevant information for the commission (ref sheets e.t.c.) and that you have permission to use the characters provided.If no clear ref is provided an extra fee will apply for the extra time. For WIPs, if requested I can show the sketch, but if you'd like the piece to look a specific way and like to see every stage of the piece you can pay 10% extra on top of the price given. If you're unsatisfied in any way I'd be willing to fix up your order, if you request too many changes or require a major change an extra fee will be required. Please don't use my art for mass production sales without asking me first, if you plan to do so please contact me and we could discuss a possible deal (You gave me a cut of profits). You are allowed to make one-off items for personal use without having to ask. Please do not use my art in any NFTs or anything related. I post most commissions that I make, if you would like to keep the piece private please let me know! I'd me more than happy to not post.


All payments through Square (international) and PayID (Australians) Payments can be split amount people Full payment upfront, if it's a bigger commission I may be open to a short payment plan but I won't be fully finishing the commission until full payment is received.
(I'll work to the amount paid)
Any unfair chargebacks made will result in a beware, be warned..All prices are shown in USD but get converted to AUD in the square invoice or via PayID.

Refunds and cancellation

I hold the right to cancel the commission if a client harasses me or I feel uncomfortable. If a client wants to cancel the commission, I can refund the amount that hasn't been completed or if the commission hasn't been started the full amount can be refunded. NO refunds after the commission is complete.

Quick extra Info

I love artistic freedom pieces! Simple clothing and props can be free but if detailed will be extra Turnaround time (when I reach the piece can be a day or a week depending on the size of the piece). This excludes the wait on my queue. Though I usually don't have large batches so it usually isn't too long of a wait. If you have a Birthday/ anniversary deadline, in some cases I may be able to finish in time, but a rush fee may apply if it's tight. Kofi members get access to openings first for any thing, especially custom and YCH pieces.

[What can be drawn]

- Furries (anthro and feral)- Any sort of animal (including original species)- Light to medium levels of gore and/ or violence- NSFW art as long as there is proof of being 18+.

[What can't be drawn]

- Copyrighted characters, OC's from fandoms may be accepted though!- Humans, I don't drawn them much so I don't have much experience,- Extremely intense NSFW ( feel free to share ideas with me and I could let you know)